Finding an apartment that fits your budget, is in a favorable area and has all desired amenities can be a challenge, to say the least. When something finally fits your criteria, it’s easy to impulsively sign a lease without asking pertinent questions. Apartment complexes can be just that- complex. There is a lot going on that doesn’t immediately meet the eye. Before moving, it’s important to dig a little deeper, before you’re stuck in a miserable, extended lease.

Smartphones have amazing capabilities. From streaming music to trip planning to sharing photos of cats, people are practically glued to their phones. Whatever you need to get done, there’s most likely “an app for that”. Home improvement projects are no different. With the popularity of Pinterest and other do-it-yourself sites and television shows, home owners are undertaking more and more renovation projects on their own.

Did you know that you can claim the expenses of your move on your taxes? Well, it is true! If you move for work and the overall expenses of your relocation is at least $5,500, then you can potentially save $1,540 on your taxes.

Moving is a task that few people can’t seem to overcome. For those who succeed, storage is a whole other beast of a problem. After you overcome the process of moving, many times you have things left over that you don’t know where to put, and this is simply because you do not know where it is that you should be looking.

It is no secret that relocating from one city to another can be quite the task. The whole process of disassembling, packing, and loading can be tiresome in so many ways. Not to mention doing it without the proper equipment and resources.