Mobile Apps for Home Improvement

Smartphones have amazing capabilities. From streaming music to trip planning to sharing photos of cats, people are practically glued to their phones. Whatever you need to get done, there’s most likely “an app for that”. Home improvement projects are no different. With the popularity of Pinterest and other do-it-yourself sites and television shows, home owners are undertaking more and more renovation projects on their own.

These popular home improvement apps make the process easier:

  • Houzz, Inc. (free, 5 stars)- Houzz, Inc. is a massive database of interior design ideas. With hundreds of thousands of photos of rooms, it’s entirely too easy to spend a whole weekend browsing through this interior design mecca. Search photos of various rooms by style and city. Share and save your favorites in a “virtual idea book”.
  • Photo Measures ($5.99, 5 stars)- Take photos of your rooms, and write in various measurements. Next time you’re out shopping and come across that perfect couch, you’ll instantly know if it will fit in your room.
  • Paint Tester ($1.99, 4.5 stars)- Take photos of your rooms, and see what your walls look like painted a different color. No more hanging up paint swatches and picking a color based on a 2”x2” square sample.
  • Home Savvy (free, 4 stars)- Home Savvy creates a customized home maintenance schedule and sends alerts when it’s time to start a project. Furthermore, it gives you tips on doing regular maintenance on your own.
  • Home Design 3D (free, 3.5 stars)- This app gives you all the necessary tools to plan and design a home. Used by architects and interior designers, Home Design allows you to create full indoor and outdoor home plans, virtually furnish them and share with others for feedback. There is also a free version with limited capabilities.
  • iHandy Level (free, 4.5 stars)- This app gives you a perfectly accurate leveling device right on your phone. No more searching through a toolkit for a leveler when trying to hang a photo.
  • Handy Man DIY ($1.99, 3.5 stars)- This is a home improvement planner that provides all the information and steps needed to complete a new project. It will do everything from calculating the amount of paint needed for a room to creating a shopping list for your next project to playing video tutorials.

New apps are released all the time. If you have any favorite home improvement mobile apps, let us know.